Heel, shoe lifts & height increase insoles

As a leading supplier of adjustable heel lifts or height increasing insoles that elevate the users body by the use of specifically engineered designs making them appear to grow taller, Dongfang Group International are proud to have the largest product line available anywhere in the world, providing wholesale globally.

Height increasing insoles (heel lift) simply slip inside your existing shoes fitting almost any size of shoe, men’s or women’s making the user appear taller, acting as adjustable lifts – and they are completely discreet.

Heel Lifts and Shoe Lifts

The insoles have changed my life for the better, I feel more confident and get more respect than I used to do.

Shoe lifts for limb discrepancy or increasing height or foot pain

We are proud to be he most recognised and reliable heel lift and shoe inserts supplier across the world.

Heel lifts or insoles and height increasing shoes

The idea of height insoles / lifts originated from Asia where they are a phenomenon. Millions of people across Europe, America and Asia are wearing these adjustable Lifties today, right now. In recent years Europeans and Americans have discovered these height adjustable shoe inserts / height insoles and an increasing number of people in the West are using them for height elevation thanks to DongFang Ltd. No grow taller exercise can give you this guaranteed additional height that lifts can – the growing taller secret.

Celebrities are also known to use this product as well as working professionals who know their height can have a substantial effect on their career aspirations and respect. People often find themselves asking the question, ‘how can I grow taller , what is the secret to growing taller or how can I grow taller?’ This website provides the exact product you need – the heel lift, height insoles, shoe lifts, or height increasing insoles called Lifties – making you taller. These products currently go by different names, and can known to be called heel lifts, lifties, shoe inserts, height insoles, shoe lifts or height increasing insoles.


Shoe lifts


We have been inundated with questions if we can confirm if certain celebrities have bought our heel lifts, however due to the privacy of our clients we are in no position to reveal or confirm this. Any heel lifts / shoe inserts bought from us are delivered in the strictest confidence with no package advertising. We take discretion seriously and is a huge part of our heel lift and height insoles business.

Need tips for growing taller? Well start here, heel lift / shoe inserts offer the fastest and cheapest way to increase your height without risking injury through exercises to grow taller. Other products such as HGH (human growth hormone), grow taller pills and bone lengthening are ethically discouraged due to the serious health risks. That is why Dongfang are offering people who want to grow taller a simple solution by the use of adjustable heel lifts, shoe inserts or otherwise known as height insoles

Heel lifts are becoming ever increasingly popular for a wider variety of purposes. User feedback suggests that an increasing percentage of heel lift users are wearing them for certain sports, interviews and to reduce foot pain.

A customer satisfaction survey gave evidence of such sports users as basketball players, boxers, indoor volleyball and tennis players were benefiting with the use of heel lifts. The insoles allow a subtle advantage over opponents where height can play an important factor.

The customers satisfaction survey also provided evidence that heel lift users were also using them for job interviews. Psychological research has proven that people are more willing to trust taller people and facts show height is a significantly contributing factor to the amount of money earned in ones life.